2018 Personal Update

Yikes 2018 has been a crazy year! I have somehow managed to squeeze in a new job, new husband, new house, completing my Master’s and passing the CISSP all in the last few months. With all of this crazy going on, this blog has unfortunately been left to collect dust. Honestly, I haven’t even had the time to get my lab set up since the move! Fortunately, things should be getting into a better rhythm in the coming weeks. I should have some time soon to make sense of all the half-written blogs I have accumulated these past months. Between my final Master’s classes, the new job and studying for the CISSP, there’s a lot I’d like to talk about!


Throughout my 10 year career I have worked as a web developer, systems administrator, software engineer, security analyst and now cybersecurity engineer. I currently develop software applications to automate security vulnerability and compliance scanning and reporting for a multinational financial institution.